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As simple as it gets! Johari means a Jeweller and Bazar means a Market.
Every piece of Jewellery tells a story. A story about culture, tradition and family. We at BK Johari being the jewellers of the generations have decided to cater you with all ancestral stories through our tremendous pieces.
Indian royalties have always been driven towards the beauty of jewels & gold that has been passed onto their generations in the form of their love and blessings. We take our inspiration from those royalties of India and deliver you the most precious pieces that emit heritage and culture but in a totally unique way.
We understand the wave of changing times and therefore the switch in choices when it comes to picking jewellery. Which is why we think of it as our responsibility to provide you with elegant and modern pieces that depict tradition when you look at it.

Traditionally Modern

Tradition is deeply rooted in us in the form of our cultural values. Our collection of traditionally enriched pieces will provide you with the perfect essence of heritage with the reflection of modernity and authenticity that will speak for itself in all your social gatherings.

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Rich in Values

Quality & Promise
  • We are committed on providing you with the purest and most alluring pieces. With our excellent and finest jewellery and accessories, we vow on giving you the best luxury experiences.
Trust of Generations
  • BK Johari Bazar has trust of generations. We not just cater the jewellery or watches but the rich tradition that has years of history that holds the mark of absolute trust and authenticity.
Integrity & Service
  • We understand that jewellery, luxury watches and silverwares are precious but to make it extra precious, our quality of service goes an extremely long way to make it happen. The pre buying and post buying experience are the ones that we immensely put our work in so that you can be stress-free.

Johari for Generations

The Johari Bazar has been the core of jewellery and accessories for a very long time in India. Taking inspiration from that bazar, we being the generational jeweller family has reimagined the historical theme of the Johari Bazar and tried to present you with the pieces that exert novelty in the most customary sense possible.

Our design philosophy is unambiguous. There has to be reflection of customs in our design, energy in our gemstones and triumph in our gold. Nothing less will do.

Jewellery that speak the voice of traditional yet modern india
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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
Each Indian wedding is celebrated in a way that reflects our rich culture. Bridal jewellery upholds the highest significance as a representation of prosperity & spirituality and showers the newly married’s life with auspiciousness. The amalgamation of two souls must be embellished with intricate pieces and eternal memories. We offer timelessly elegant jewellery pieces, perfect for your big day.
Marking your anniversaries with beautiful trinkets is always a good idea. Gift your loved ones with our gracefully crafted jewellery. Whether it's your loved one’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or just another good day to be remembered, we have just the right design for every occasion.
Gifts symbolize love and reflect the emotions of both the giver & receiver. Whether it's your loved one’s birthday, your wedding anniversary or just another good day to be remembered, we have just the right design for every occasion.Make your loved ones feel special with exquisite designs and choose gifts from our handpicked collection of sophisticated pieces.